Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 DeepStack Extravaganza Main Event Winner (Places 1-6)

$550 DSE Main Event No Limit Hold-Em

Blinds: 60k / 120k / 15k
6 players remain, 4,893,000 avg.

Minutes after Chris Wicher busted in 7th Place, our final six deep stackers huddled together, then wrapped things up.  In the final hand, five players pushed all-in then mucked.  That left Christian Francia (Bayonne, NJ) as your 2016 Sands Bethlehem DeepStack Extravaganza Main Event Champion.

We Dug Deep & Won!

Chip counts before the game ending hand:

Christian Francia - 4,670,000
James Faucette - 7,990,000
Bob Tansey - 5,280,000
Dhaval Joshi - 7,590,000
Jeffrey Spence - 3,015,000
Chris Snead - 775,000

Christian Francia (Bayonne,NJ)
1st Place - $79,118

James Faucette (Perkasie, PA)
2nd Place - $49,022

Bob Tansey (Rockaway, NJ)
3rd Place - $32,198

Dhaval Joshi (Hoboken, NJ)
4th Place - $22,479

Jeffrey Spence (King of Prussia, PA)
5th Place - $16,436

Chris Snead (Rockville Center, NY)
6th Place - $12,588

Thanks to everybody at Sands Bethlehem for running a spectacular DeepStack Extravaganza series.  The Main Event had a total of 734 runners with 197 making it to Day-2 and 19 advancing to Day-3.

Total Main Event prize pool was $359,660.

Congratulations once again to our 2016 Main Event Champ, Christian Francia from Bayonne, NJ who took down every one of the 29,360,000 chips in play.  His favorite final table hand was when his A-A knocked out Sal Busacca's 7-7 in 8th Place.

See everybody next time!

7th Place - Wicher ($10,538)

$550 DSE Main Event No Limit Hold-Em

Blinds: 60k / 120k / 15k
6 players remain, 4,893,000 avg.

Chris Wicher (Endicott, NY)

Chris Wicher scores $10,538 for his weekend worth of work.  For his last hand of the DeepStack Extravaganza, Chris held A 4 in the big blind.  Action folded around to Dhaval Joshi who limped in the sb with KQ.  Chris jammed 2.8 million and got called.

Board ran out: Q-6-9-5-2.

Pair of queens for Dhaval sends Chris to the rail.  "You got my number today" said Chris.

That leaves us with 6 players remaining.

8th Place - Busacca ($8,812)

$550 DSE Main Event No Limit Hold-Em

Blinds: 50k / 100k / 10k
7 players remain, 4,190,000 avg.

Sal Busacca (Colts Neck, NJ)

Congratulations to Sal Busacca who just took home $8,812 for his run in the Sands Bethlehem DeepStack Extravaganza Main Event.

Rough exit for Sal who thought his 7 7♣  was good on a draw heavy small-card board.  Unfortunately he ran into Christian Francia's (Bayonne, NJ) A A♠ with a nut draw as well.

"He checked the flop and I jammed, of course he called" said Sal.

Board ran out:  3 4 5 J♠ 10♣ 

Ironically Christian also knocked Sal out with AA at a final table in a big Vegas hold-em tournament.

"He always has aces, this guy" Sal joked.

9th Place - Tran ($7,193)

$550 DSE Main Event No Limit Hold-Em

Blinds: 50k / 100k / 10k
8 players remain, 3,390,000 avg.

Thao "Teresa" Tran (Bethlehem, PA)

Teresa Tran was just warming up her final table seat when she made a move with a short stack on the button.  Action folded around and she had K-9 of diamonds.  With blinds at 100,000 she pushed her 1,500,000.  Unfortunately she ran into Q-Q from James Faucette in the big blind.

Queens held up on a clean board.

Congratulations to Teresa who once again is the DeepStack Extravaganza Main Event Last Woman Standing.  She was short stack all day but found a way to survive up pay bump after pay bump.

This is her third cash in the Main and second final table finish.

Last Woman Standing - Literally

Final Table Of Nine

$550 DSE Main Event No Limit Hold-Em

Blinds: 50k / 100k / 10k
9 players remain, 3,260,000 avg.

DeepStack Extravaganza Main Event Final Table

Seat - Player - Town
1. Jeffrey Spence (King of Prussia, PA)
2. Thao "Teresa" Tran (Bethlehem, PA)
3. Christian Francia (Bayonne, NJ)
4. James Faucette (Perkasie, PA)
5. Bob Tansey (Rockaway, NJ)
6. Chris Snead (Rockville Center, NY)
7. Sal Busacca (Colts Neck, NJ)
8. Dhaval Joshi (Hoboken, NJ)
9. Chris Wicher (Endicott, NY)

Four Flights, 734 players, Day-2, and now the final table.

Congrats to all 9 players who found a seat at the final table.

Let's do it!

10th Place - Kindt ($5,503)

$550 DSE Main Event No Limit Hold-Em

Blinds: 50k / 100k / 10k
9 players remain, 3,260,000 avg.

Debbie Kindt (Lansdale, PA)

It took a suck-out on the river to oust Debbie Kindt from her Main Event seat.  Her final hand started when James Faucette opened for 200,000 from the button.  Debbie called from the small blind, holding 7♣ 10♣ and hit a ten on the flop.

Little did she know James had A Q♣  and flopped top pair.

Debbie bet the flop for 300,000 and James flatted.

Turncard 10  gave Debbie three tens.  She shipped the rest of her stack in causing James to ask if she had a ten?  Debbie said yes, but James called anyway.

River Q♠ gave James Queens full of Tens vs. Debbie's Tens full of Queens.

Nice run for Debbie who went out moments after Nicholas Singhal in 11th.  So technically Debbie made the final table, she just never made it to her actual seat there.

Debbie 7♣ 10♣  vs. James A Q

Board: 10 Q 6 10 Q♠ 

Debbie & Chuck

11th Place - Singhal ($5,503)

$550 DSE Main Event No Limit Hold-Em

Blinds: 50k / 100k / 10k
10 players remain, 2,390,000 avg.

Nicholas Singhal (New York, NY)

The final table bubble has broken.  Nicholas Singhal (New York, NY) sticks his 1.5 milly in with K-10 on the button.  He quickly gets called by Christian Francia who woke up with A-K suited in the big blind.

As they have been running out most of the day, the dominated hand seems to be holding.

Board:  6-6-7-5-J

Nicholas was disappointed for just missing the final table but is still taking home $5,503 for his 11th Place finish in the DeepStack Extravaganza Main Event.

Final Table Bubble Chip Counts

$550 DSE Main Event No Limit Hold-Em

Blinds: 50k / 100k / 10k
11 players remain, 2,260,000 avg.

Table 1:
Jeffrey Spence - 2,600,000
Bob Tansey - 3,200,000
Teresa Tran - 1,200,000
James Faucette - 6.500,000
Debbie Kindt - 2,580,000

Table 2:
Chris Snead - 1,200,000
Chis Wicher - 3,600,000
Dhaval Joshi - 3,950,000
Nicholas Singhal - 1,500,000
Sal Busacca - 1,000,000
Christian Francia - 2,350,000

There are 29,360,000 chips in play.  Win em all and you take home $79,118.
Welcome to DeepStack Extravaganza Main Event.

Chris Cubed

$550 DSE Main Event No Limit Hold-Em

Blinds: 40k / 80k / 10k
11 players remain, 2,260,000 avg.

Christian Francia          Chris Snead          Chris Wicher

Go figure, three players named Chris are at the same table.  Who will be the last Chris standing?

Players are on their first break of the day.  15-minutes to refuel.

We are on stuck on 11.  With the next elimination the top ten will form the championship final table.

Debbie Kindt scoops a ton of 25,000 red chips as hubby Chuck watches from the rail

12th Place - Janela ($5,503)

$550 DSE Main Event No Limit Hold-Em

Blinds: 40k / 80k / 10k
11 players remain, 2,260,000 avg.

Danny Janela (Hackettstown, PA)

Danny Janela (Hackettstown, PA) was on the comeback trail after his double to 1.5 million, but just had his pocket rocket's cracked by the big blind.

Danny had A-A and limped, hoping one of the deeper stacks would raise light.  Unfortunately the big blind, Debbie Kindt (Lansdale, PA got to see a free flop holding 10-5.

Danny A A vs. Debbie 10 5 

Debbie smashed the flop hitting top two pair and checked.  Danny bet 200,000 and Debbie jammed.  Danny called and she had him covered.

Danny would need to hit an ace or have the board pair on the turn or river.  It did not.  Debbie is now up over 3 million.

Board: 5 10 3 6 9 

Great run for Danny who always had a smile on his face and you could see he was having fun.  He even had a few friends rooting from the rail, along with his wife and daughters from home.

"We'll see you next time" said Danny who takes home $5,503 for his Sands Bethlehem DeepStack Extravaganza Main Event showing.  Nice job!

13th Place - Dagostino ($3,920)

$550 DSE Main Event No Limit Hold-Em

Blinds: 40k / 80k / 10k
12 players remain

Danny Dagostino (Belleville, NJ)

It was fun to cover Danny Dagostino.  Dag gone it, he's gone!  Danny started Day-3 as the leader with just over four million.

He got mixed up in a hand with James Faucette (Perkasie, PA) and it didn't end well.

James flopped two pair with J♣ Q♠ while Danny flopped the nut flush draw with A♣ 3.

Action on the flop was Danny checked, James raised, Danny re-raised 500,000, James shipped and Danny called.  He was at risk for over 2 million and needed a club.

Board ran out 7♣ Q♣ J K 6.

That makes James Faucette a massive leader with 8 million.

14th Place - George ($3,920)

$550 DSE Main Event No Limit Hold-Em

Blinds: 30k / 60k / 5k
13 players remaining, avg. 2,200,000

Jeff George (Palmerton, PA)

Jeff George gets sacked!  He ran his A-8 into 10-10 of Chris Wicher (Endicott, NY).  Jeff knew the blinds were going up soon and was looking for a spot to ship his short stack.

Chris now sits at 1.2 million.

Janela Doubles With Boat

$550 DSE Main Event No Limit Hold-Em

Blinds: 30k / 60k / 5k
14 players reaming, avg. 2,097,000

Nice double up for Danny Janela (Hackettstown, PA).  Danny got his chips in good with A-9  hearts up against James Faucette (Perkasie, PA) holding A-7.

All In For Danny

As the photo shows, all of Danny's 550,000 chips were in pre-flop as the red all in button made an appearance.  He got called by red-hot James Faucette.  The cards were tables,

Danny A-9 vs. James A-7.

Danny finds a full house on a board reading: 3-9-3-9-J.  He doubles-up and is now working with 1.1 milly.

"Hi to my beautiful wife Colleen, daughters Danielle, and Katie" said Danny.

If you noticed it says, "dani jane designs" on Danny's shirt.  I asked what it stands for.  Turns out his daughter Danielle has a company that hand paints designs on glassware.

Hopefully Danny will put designs on some paint cards sometime throughout this exciting finish.

15th Place - Dellaria ($3,920)

$550 DSE Main Event No Limit Hold-Em

Blinds: 30k / 60k / 5k
14 players remaining, avg. 2,097,000

Frank Dellaria (Burgettstown, PA)

Unfortunately for Frank Dellaria, James Faucette (Perkasie, PA) is running hot water.  Frank faced a raise from James and feared he might be behind, but felt compelled to call seeing the size of his stack.

With only 400,000 Frank knew he didn't have enough chips to scare anyone and was hoping his A-9 off suite was ahead.  It was not as the board ran 4-Q-5-A-8.  James' A-K won the pot.

Seems like the best hand keep winning and busting out players.  That rarely happens.

Main Event action continues in Sands Bethlehem Poker room.

16th Place - Hou ($2,949)

$550 DSE Main Event No Limit Hold-Em

Blinds: 30k / 60k / 5k
15 players remaining, avg. 1,915,000

Zhenjie Hou (Chester Springs, PA)

Zhenjie Hou flirted with the chip lead throughout Day-2 but his Day-3 dreams are dashed.  He shipped 450,000 on the button with A-7 off-suit but slammed into the A-K of Dhaval Joshi (Hoboken, NJ).

Board ran out:  6-2-2-10-J

Zhenjie earns $2,949 for his DeepStack Main Event showing.

17th Place - Ciofalo ($2,449)

$550 DSE Main Event No Limit Hold-Em

Blinds: 30k / 60k / 5k
16 players remaining, avg. 1,835,000

John Ciofalo (Newburgh, NY)

John was the Flight 1A chip leader with 405,700.  He was the only Flight leader to make it to Day-3.

Moments ago he lost a classic coin flip.  He held A K up against Christian Francia's Q Q .  All of Frank's 600,000 chips tumbled in pre flop and he realized he was racing for his Main Event life.

Christian turned a queen and won with trips.  He now has 2,700,000 and John sees the rail in 17th Place.

He takes home $2,449 for his efforts in the DeepStack Extravaganza Main Event.

18th Place - Lubin ($2,949)

$550 DSE Main Event No Limit Hold-Em

Blinds: 30k / 60k / 5k
17 players remaining, avg. 1,720,000

Allan Lubin (Watchung, NJ)

Allan Lubin says good-by as his Main Event comes to an end.  He was looking at ten big blinds and shipped his remaining 650,000 with 5-5.  James Faucette ((Perkasie, PA) called with A-Q and hit a queen on the turn.

"I had a shot but he hit a queen" said Allan who was hoping to go deeper but was happy to get in with the pair.

19th Place - Vital ($2,266)

$550 DSE Main Event No Limit Hold-Em

Blinds: 30k / 60k / 5k
18 players remaining, avg. 1,600,000

Michael Vital (Lititz, PA)

Michael drove 90 minutes, unbagged his chips, started to warm up his seat, and is out in 19th Place.  The first hand of Day-3 he would have smashed a full-house with 8-3.  The second hand his 10-10 ran into A-Q of Jeff Spence (King of Prussia, PA).

Jeff raised and Michael went all in for 660,000 with his tens.  Jeff hit an ace on the turn and it held up.

We are now down to two tables.  Nine players at each table.

End Of Day-2 Chip Counts

$550 DSE Main Event No Limit Hold-Em

Day-2 is in the books.  Congratulations to the 19 players who move on to Day-3, Monday at noon.

Danny Dagostino (Belleville, NJ)

1. Danny Dagostino (Belleville, NJ).......................   4,065,000
2. Dhaval Joshi (Hoboken, NJ) ...............   3,400,000
3. James Faucette (Perkasie, PA)...........................   3,055,000
4.  Sal Busacca (Colts Neck, NJ) .......................  2,690,000
5.  Christian Francia (Bayonne, NJ)...............  2,310,000
6.  Jeffrey Spence (King of Prussia, PA)..................... 2,300,000
7.  Chris Snead (Rockville Center, NY)     ..............  1,935,000
8.  Bob Tansey (Rockaway, NJ) ...................  1,615,000
9.  Zhenjie Hou (Chester Springs, PA) ......................  1,200,000
10. Frank Dellaria (Burgettstown, PA) .............  1,170,000
11.  Thao Teresa Tran (Bethlehem, PA)........................1,080,000
12.  Debbie Kindt (Lansdale, PA)............................880,000
13.  Daniel Janela (Hackettstown, NJ).......................  815,000
14.  Allan Lubin (Watchung, NJ)................................  765,000
15.  Nicholas Singhal (New York, NY)........................ 720,000
16.  Michael Vital (Lititz, PA).......................................660,000
17.  Chris Wicher (Endicott, NY)..................................  535,000
18.  Jeff George (Palmerton, PA).....................................  450,000
19.  John Ciofalo (Newburgh, NY)...................................  280,000

Total chips in play = 29,360,000 with an average chip stack of 1,545,262.

Thanks to all of the 734 total entrants and good luck to the 19 vying for the $79,118 1st Place prize.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

19 Players Advance To Day-3

$550 DSE Main Event No Limit Hold-Em

Blinds: 25k / 50k / 5k ante
19 players remaining, 1,545,000 avg

Michael Vital & Jeff Spence Make It To Day-3

These two played in a tournament at another casino and coincidentally have met up again here at the Sands Bethlehem Main Event.

Michael busted Daniel DaConti out in 22nd Place.  Daniel had A-Q vs. Michael's A-K.  Both wanted to use their 'one-time'.  Michael's was successful as he hit not 1 king, not 2 kings, but 3 kings on the board.  Quad kings busts Daniel.

Daniel DaConti (Mount Laurel, NJ)
22nd Place - $2,266

Daniel says hi to all his facebook friends who have lent their support.

A couple hands later, Chris Klemmer (Quakertown, PA) ran QQ into KK of Jeff Spence.  Chris takes home $2,266 for her 20th Place finish.

Level 26 winds down and 19 players survive to Day-3, Monday at noon.
Every player and bagged chip count will be posted shortly.